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Corporate Trainings

Enterprises are facing great challenges related to digital transformation of the economy. In addition, regulatory and market requirements demand a significant shift in the environmental footprints of enterprises and their business processes. These megatrends will have a considerable impact on skills and their implications for the workforce and the future of work. The changes driven by artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, as well as globalisation and key topics such as demographics, diversity, gender equality and social inclusion, necessitate better and greater training opportunities for all. 

Upskilling and reskilling strategies will be crucial for competitiveness, growth and jobs. In order to better anticipate and manage change, enterprises need to develop a new mind-set and embrace a culture of just-in-time and just-for-me learning. It requires the assessment of current skills and new skill needs; identification of skills shortages, gaps and mismatches; selection of suitable learning paths and training; guidance, coaching and support; evaluation and validation of acquired knowledge and skills. It is particularly difficult for enterprises, having to deal with budget constraints, limited capacity, fierce competition for talent and extreme time pressure. There is a need for new approaches matching their needs and realities in a digital world.

Training - both onsite and offsite / online are a part of our offerings. Trainings are now delivered, enabled or mediated using digital technology, associated with learning scenarios and interactive activities, for the explicit purpose of upskilling or reskilling in organisations. Trainings are rapidly evolving, as it is steadily integrating new technologies enriching the learning experience with the perspective of shifting from “digital learning” towards efficient “learning in a digital world”.

The latest trends that will have significant impact on the learning ecosystem in the workplace include the following:

  • Real-world learning is on the rise;

  • There is a rapid growth in remote learning;

  • Gamification has proven to be an effective strategy;

  • Social learning is becoming the mainstream approach;

  • There is a growing need for micro-learning;

  • Learning engagement systems and personalised/personal learning are rising;

Some of the vendor / technology subjects for which we offer customised training solutions,

There is a need for learning ecosystems, catering the specific needs of individuals, groups, enterprises, value chains and clusters.