Specialised Services

Our Specialised Services are generally catered toward established and experienced organisations looking to scale their technology implementation and cybersecurity posture to the next level.

Leveraging our own network of experts to help budding organisations make transition to the next big thing. transition to the big leagues - and do so with agility and finesse.

  • Compliance and Advisory

  • I.T., A.V., Storage & Archival

  • MITRE ATT&CK Adoption

  • Threat Hunting

  • Red Team

  • Secure Wireless Access

  • Virtual CIO and Virtual CISO

An initial review of the existing flow is carried out as part of the process and a following discussion with key stakeholders and collect evidence. We then consider the requirements of GDPR and carry out an assessment to deliver a gap analysis report. The risk treatment plan is then supported by the report. Considering all existing controls, undertake interviews and collect the relevant evidence prior to carrying out an assessment that considers the GDPR requirements. We then create a gap analysis report that feeds into the risk treatment plan.

Commonly, PCI-DSS projects begin somewhere in the middle. They are accompanied by gap analysis or the implementation of technical controls in order to adhere to the standard. Often, moving forward in this way can prove costly and it can also mean committing funds to access systems that are not included in the final plans. It can also mean implementing intricate solutions that have no bearing on overall compliance. All PCI-DSS projects are accompanied by a strategy review which assesses all areas of the business to identify those that are in line for PCI-DSS. A cost-effective approach is formulated to handle these elements while reducing risks and meeting the standard. The aim is to remove as much as possible from the scope before simplifying what remains in order to identify a clear compliance project. This could lead to altering business processes instead of changing technical solutions. All acceptance channels are examined by our team and then alternative strategies to compliance are identified. The process includes, PCI DSS Scope & Gap Analysis, PCI-DSS Remediation & Pre-audit Assessment.

It can prove challenging to identify a clear stability between delivered high-level of healthcare services and the HIPAA standard. Criminals are now evolving various ways in which they are stealing data and so, the range of HIPAA compliance reaches further afield as a result of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and omnibus rule. To assist you in becoming compliant, our team uses the latest technology and resources that help to prevent the theft of protected healthcare information (PHI) while also continuing to give you a differentiator that is recognised.


Cybersecurity threats always put a business at risk. IT systems are the core of every customer. The increasing reliance of many customers on IT systems provides bigger opportunities for each of them. Increased risk comes with increased opportunity. The systems that are operated on a daily basis to perform our jobs are very vital targets for cyber criminals. Nowadays, the risk of deliberate cyber attacks on businesses is higher than ever before, and it is the lawful duty to protect your organization and the data you hold. Cyber Essentials certification is important and is mandatory for all organizations in order to maintain their security level up to date from raising cyber-attacks and threats. This scheme’s sole purpose is to make sure that your business has the best security practices in place. These can achieved by Defining the Scope, Completion of a Self-assessment Questionnaire, Gap Analysis, Validation of IT Technical Security Standards, Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning and providing assistance in getting Cyber Essentials certified.

Few of our Services determine if your environment has been compromised by a sophisticated attacker, Increases your confidence in system integrity and data confidentiality. It provides recommendations on security architecture, instrumentation and controls to make your environment more resilient. Also supports with actionable guidance on next steps to respond to and eradicate the threat, offering seamless integration with Incident Response.

Identify Endpoint Compromises Using Analytics, Analysis of User Behaviour and Detection of Internal Threats. Our team takes a systemised approach to engage your SOC. From the moment a problem arises, our team gets to work to collect the required data, as well as, identify their concerns for them to develop a custom threat profile. From the moment attacks are identified, our threat hunting experts liaise with you to provide a brief and then assist them through the investigation process.